Diamond Rewards Review – (Business and Opportunity Review)

Diamond Rewards is a direct selling and network marketing business opportunity who’s mission is to “help everyday people create dynamic wealth and prosperity through our proven, state-of-the-art Diamond Distributors platform and our many years of expertise in marketing strategy, education, and direct selling services.”

Diamond Rewards is a network marketing business opportunity based in the direct selling of sapphires and the business opportunity itself. The cost of starting this opportunity will begin at $300 dollars and include 1 sapphire stone, virtual office and a replicated website. The replicate website itself although a good tool to have, it alone does not guarantee traffic and sales this will take at least some Internet marketing skills. The business itself is the main product that will be marketed through recruiting others into the opportunity itself.

The compensation structure is based on a revolving matrix cycle board. Although matrix compensation plans are touted by many individuals as a very simple structure to understand, fast moving and can almost guarantee income, this is not completely true. The system is designed on recruiting many individuals, enough people to cycle through each board before collecting any commission from the cycle bonuses. There is a retail sales commission on the sapphires themselves which is much easier to understand and by far the quickest way to create an income with this opportunity.

Diamond Rewards is a legitimate business opportunity that will require recruiting many individuals into the opportunity itself to create a truly substantial income. For many people this will start in their warm market with friends and family members. Having at least some knowledge with marketing online would be a must to avoid marketing a network marketing opportunity to your warm market and could actually create a stream of quality traffic if mastered. The compensation plan with DR is rather complicated due to the actual matrix system it does use. It is best to do your complete due diligence into not only the viability of a product, but into the compensation structure before joining any business opportunity.

Regeneca International Review – A Business and Opportunity Review

Regeneca is a new network marketing business opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. This business opportunity however comes with a twist to the basic network marketing opportunities, to help make this a much simpler system, this company uses direct response network marketing. SO how does this all help you create income from home? Here is a simple review.

Regeneca is not truly new company as much as they are a company with a new twist that is currently in a prelaunch status. The company itself is based in health and wellness products from skin care products to nutritional drinks and anti aging serums. For some time now the company has used the television particularly the infomercial to be exact to promote its products. The company now is putting two and two together and launching a direct network marketing opportunity to the public. This system will actually bring those who call in to order these products to you the member of the opportunity to not only sell the product, but to begin what network marketing is about, recruiting others into the business opportunity. The cost of starting this business is $299 and a $9.95 monthly fee for the back office.

The compensation plan is typical in the fact that retail sales could be made on the sales of the individuals. For the most part however, this compensation plan works on a 3×9 matrix compensation structure. With many network marketing opportunities the main focus for attaining bonus level commission will be based on recruiting new business owners into the opportunity itself and with Regeneca it is no different. The plan will allow for fast start bonuses up through car allowance bonuses. To obtain any of the 9 levels of bonus commissions will depend upon your skills of developing a large organization of these independent business owners.

Regeneca is a legitimate business opportunity with a line of quality products that of course is a given with the health and wellness industry. It will be best to do your complete due diligence before joining any network marketing opportunity. There is a high attrition rate due to the lack of solid training, poor sponsoring, and what seems to be, mostly complicated compensation plans in this industry. This particular opportunity does have some advantages as far as the direct network marketing infomercial that the individual will be able to use in their marketing efforts and the fact that this opportunity is in its prelaunch phase.

Starting an Online Business and Promoting It

Starting an online business is one thing but promoting it using the correct market strategy is critical to your success. Online business like any other requires a business plan that must include several market strategies. There are many online business strategies and in this article I am going to talk about one very important yet least understood market strategy. This all important traffic generation technique is called a link building strategy.

Everyone with a website knows that having a site means very little without traffic. You must drive traffic to your site to be successful. All successful online business uses a link building strategy to drive traffic to their site. They do this by creating content, submitting articles, videos and basically good sales copy. This content contains relevant information and always has a one way link back to their website. By submitting this content to directories and social media networks they are advertising to the world. In effect they are saying, “Here it is come and get it”. Sometimes good quality information will go viral, meaning people see it, like it and pass along the information. This in turn creates even more links, like a road map pointing directly to your business.

All successful online business uses this technique by submitting quality content continually on a daily basis. The more quality content you produce and submit to the appropriate directories and networks with your one way link the more traffic you will receive.

It is important to understand that search engines need and use only relevant content. Using keywords, search engines find this content and the more content it finds usually higher the ranking. We all know how important it is to rank on page one of an internet search. Therefore, using a link building strategy for traffic generation you create the possibility of many high ranking positions with multiple keyword searches.

Starting an online business can be extremely profitable providing one takes the time to learn and implement the appropriate market strategies. For those interested in learning more about online market strategies we have an extensive amount of free information available on our website. Online success depends on how and how well you market your products. Therefore learning how to market may be more important than the product itself to be successful online.